Monday, July 25, 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 30 2016

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I might not be home for that many meals this week and expect a few last minute changes to the meal plan so here goes!

Monday - working late on a project so will probably grab something on the way home, my husband might go to his mum's

Tuesday - always have a meeting til 6.30 on a Tuesday now which means I will never get home before 8 and need something quick for dinner but also something my husband will eat. He can have a frozen pizza and I'll have some leftover pasta bake from Sunday.

Wednesday - Potentially today or Friday visiting a member of my husband's family in hospital so we will grab some food on the way home

Thursday - probably an early lunch/brunch (maybe a bacon sandwich as it's easy) then away for the rest of the day at a funeral (unrelated to the family member above)

Saturday - home alone, my husband is at Silverstone with his dad.
Lunch: mackerel in mustard sauce on toast
Dinner: the spicy seafood chorizo paella from Inspiralized I was going to cook last week but didn't for me, gammon and chips for him if he's home in time

Lunch: with friends
Dinner: chicken/ cauliflower tikka I was going to make last week but didn't, unless it's really hot and we want to barbecue

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